Thursday, November 11, 2010

Notes from Your Farm ---Final Harvest

Hello from the farm!

Hard to believe, but six months of harvests are coming to a close this week. From the poring over of catalogs and spreadsheet calculations of winter, to the seeding of the farm in miniature in March, to the transplanting of all the young seedlings in April and May and then the intense weeding, harvesting and succession planting into the fall and almost winter, it's quite an adventure.

Reflecting back on the season...we grew a lot of food this year--five acres of vegetables. The ergonomic cart was a huge help with certain crops, especially cucumbers, as they weren't trampled by our feet as in the past, the crop lifting bar promises to lift a lot of weight for next season, meaning that we will be able to grow and harvest a lot more carrots in particular, but also garlic and potatoes, a core group of trainees did very well here at the farm and prospered greatly, Elizabeth, Law Reh, and Kim as staff were outstanding, each bringing great talent and thought to their roles, and an historic event was the purchase of the farm next door, knowing that we will have land for crops and rotations in the future.

Looking forward to next season, we anticipate a great farm team once again, the excitement of planting, expecting a great harvest, and then harvesting and eating. Carrots are clamored after by most of us, so look to see more of them, as well as an expansion of the blueberry patch. We will be cover cropping and starting to use some of the new farm land as well, so we won't be cramped for getting the things planted in time in the best rotation possible.

Vegetables shine as winter approaches

Self Harvest Starts Next Week: Keep the Good Food Coming

Mon-Sat. 9am-dusk as long as the season permit--possibly into the new year!
--maps of remaining crops will be posted here at the distribution table
--pruners and bags will be available.
--LIMITS--the amount you will use in a week/ or for a batch of pickles, kraut, etc.
--also: if abundant, take more abundantly, if scarce, take less as guideline

Time to Sign up for next season: as a current shareholder, you have first chance at getting a share for next season. To sign up, go to You'll be able to sign up and send a check, or pay partially or fully with a credit card online.

Thank you!

Thank You

Thank you to each one of the trainees who made this season bountiful and fun, to Elizabeth, for excellent work with the trainees, field, office and beyond, to Law Reh, for great work, morale, and perception, to Kim for harvest days skill and bringing the farm community together, and to you, as a shareholder for encouraging us, enjoying the vegetables, and being a part of the farm!

--Your Farmers

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Notes from Your Farm-2 harvests to go

Hello from the frosty white farm fields,

The fields were coated with frost yesterday morning, creating a tranquil and beautiful scene as the sun came up. This week we started planting garlic, always the final crop planting of the season. Each bulb is broken up into cloves and each clove is planted about six inches apart. The roots will grow during the winter and then the top will emerge in early spring. The plants mature in late June or July when it turns yellow and dries.

Elizabeth mowed down the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, and I planted barley in their place to improve and hold the soil for the winter. Looking around at the vibrant green and textures of the cover crops creates a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and contentment that the soil is covered and cared for in anticipation of great season next spring.

Gift Boxes Coming Up

After the harvest season is all wrapped up, we will be making gift boxes for Christmas. There are two sizes, small and large. Pictured below is the small box, which costs 17.50. It contains Wilbur Buds, College Coffee Roasters coffee, Kauffman's orchard apple butter, and Peanut Butter Nuggets from S. Clyde Weaver. Your purchase directly benefits our farm program.

To order, send us an email or give us a call. Pickup is Dec. 15, 16, 17, and you can pay for them at that time. To ship personalized small boxes to friends, please order online, or for more information, check out: Order by Dec 6th.

Recipe for Making Sauerkraut from Turnips!
Haven't tried this, but it looks interesting...
check out--

Cold weather vegetable washing
Brrr..cold water, but we've come up with wearing thin cloth gloves under plastic ones--not bad at all.

The Final Harvest is Next week Nov 11,12 and 13
There is one more harvest after this week, and then there will be self-harvest available to interested shareholders in the weeks that follow. Enjoy these last two fall harvests, there is a lot of tasty produce.