Thursday, March 28, 2013

Notes from Your Farm

Dear Friends of the Farm,

We are just a week past the vernal equinox and we are seeing new signs of spring everyday.  There are two newborn lambs at the farm next door.  The garlic is sprouting up nicely in the fields, the very first crop of this new season.  We are on patrol for the first daffodil, and are still waiting patiently.

Monday brought a seasonal paradox.  While it snowed steadily outside, we farmers found ourselves inside the heated greenhouse planting seeds for summer crops including tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.  As the snow melted on the roof, a bit of sun came through for the baby sprouts of kale, broccoli and cabbage that are already greening up the greenhouse.  We exited the tropics at lunch time and found ourselves trudging through a winter wonderland to come up to the barn for our noon meal.

When calling our farm crew back to work, we got a lot of enthusiastic "when can I start?" replies.  We enjoy our winter respite, but everyone is pleased to be back at the farm for another great season.  A little snow won't set us back a bit.  It might keep us from getting our potato seed planted this week, but we are planting one hundred new blueberry bushes: the one variety is aptly called Legacy, and the other is Pink Lemonade.  Your farmers are really pleased to be planting a legacy that will endure for fifty years or more.   The Pink Lemonade variety will sport pink-when-ripe blueberries.  Hmm--does that mean that we call them pinkberries?   Spring is here, and there is a lot to do to get the fields planted for what will be our summer harvest.  It's time to dig in!

Your Farmers