Friday, February 24, 2017

Notes from Your Farm: #CSADay


Hello from the Farm,   

National CSA Sign-Up Day!  #CSADay

Today is the day that most shareholders sign-up for a local CSA in their community!    

Join in on the fun by signing up for your share today and receive $10 off your share for the 2017 Season!

Sign-up here:

This is an online event that is posted on our Facebook page --- click the link below to be taken there.  

Support a local CSA that practices sustainability and organic agriculture within your community!

Goodwill at Homefields Farm Facebook Page

First Friday in Lancaster City - March 3

Your Farmers will be in front of Mio Studio celebrating the coming of spring by handing out plants that can be taken home and fliers to promote your CSA.  Stop by to see your Farmers and discuss the 2017 Season! 

Mio Studio is located at 154 N. Prince St., Lancaster, PA 17603

Mio Studio makes sculptural jewelry out of recycled hardwood and medal. More info can be found at   

Weather Permitting  

Happy #CSADay,

Your Farmers

Monday, February 13, 2017

Notes from Your Farm: LOVE

Hello from the Farm,   

Wanted to remind our shareholders that we LOVE your support here at Goodwill at Homefields Farm!  We can't wait to see you in June for the 2017 Season.  With Valentines Day happening tomorrow we wanted to let you know that your Farmers are thinking about you and how to make 2017 filled with lovely yummy vegetables.

Show your love for your CSA by posting comments and pictures from the great experiences you've had at the farm on the Goodwill at Homefields Farm Facebook Page!  Follow the link below to get there.
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2017 Season Signup 
Signup for the 2017 Season by following the link below!   
Shareholder signup link:

A Glimpse into the 2017 Season....
Your Farmers have been busy planting early crops in the greenhouse.  Last week we started planting broccoli, cabbage, greenhouse tomatoes, and some PYO Field herbs and flowers.  This year we are starting all those crops a month early to see if they will be ready by the beginning of June.  We are also planting those same crops a month later with heat resistant varieties to have them harvested later in June.  Lets cross our fingers and hope this experiment works out!  

Farmer Taryn, Farmer Elizabeth, and Farmer Amy seeding in the greenhouse while there was snow outside!

Winter came to the Farm last week while we were warm and toasty in the greenhouse!

National CSA Sign-Up Day!
Celebrate with us on February 24 which is the day that most shareholders sign-up for a CSA.  This is an online event that is posted on our Facebook page --- click the link below to be taken there.  Learn more about your CSA throughout the celebration and sign-up to support a local CSA that practices sustainability and organic agriculture. 

Goodwill at Homefields Farm Facebook Page

Fruit Share Information
Would you like to pick up a CSA Fruit Share when you come to get your CSA vegetables? It’s time to sign up now with North Star Orchard for their weekly Fruit Share, which is available for pickup for 15 weeks starting in August.
CSA Members have been enjoying the Fruit Share for years, and we encourage you to take a look at what the share has to offer here.
This is not ordinary fruit, but unique and heritage varieties which are full of flavor: plums with pizazz, perfect peaches, amazing Asian pears, great (seedless) grapes, astounding apples, and a sprinkling of heritage pear varieties.
Sign up directly with North Star on their website (link again to ), or if you need to reach them directly, email
And for a quick view of North Star Orchard itself, enjoy this 90-second bird's eye view (link to: )

[Just to clarify the fruit share does not come from Goodwill at Homfields Farm.  The fruit share comes from North Star Orchard.  Goodwill at Homefields farm is a pick-up location for the fruit which can be picked up at the same time as your vegetable share.]

Spread the veggie love,

Your Farmers