Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Planting, Opening Harvest, Shares Available

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Hello from the farm, 
Well, the beautiful heads of lettuce were transplanted by the thousands yesterday as were the scallions, which were on the heels of 10,000 onion plants.  It's a lively time at the farm, and we're all pleased to see these crops going into the ground and getting a great start.  The drying wind has given way to some showers and we are grateful for the moisture.  

Opening Weekend is the First full week of June:  June 7, 8 and 9

Hours are:  Thurs: 3-7  Friday 11-7 and Sat 9-1

Shares available: yes, we have shares available for this season.  Go to to sign up online.  Spread the word.   
If you would like to pick up a fruit share from North Star Orchard, go to to sign up and for more info. 

Other happenings around the farm: it's never dull here, we had the first run of the organic fertilizer hopper, which ran like a charm, have been working on a potato digger rig for the July potato crop, a harvest rack for holding bins of produce, mending broken and misaligned tools and equipment to name a few, in addition to the weeding and mulching which are mainstays of our farming :-) 

Your farmers