Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Farm update: A good day for ducks

It's a good day for ducks as the rain continues to fall.  What's a farmer to do?  Well, go to the second greenhouse and plant tomato transplants in the ground for early tomatoes. The greenhouse is an awesome place to be during cold or wet weather.  Sunflowers are also on the seeding list for planting today as are husk cherries, tomatillos, amaranth, quinoa and other specialty trial crops.  We are very happy to have gotten a lot of seeds and transplants in the ground prior to this monsoon week :-) 

In the ground are broccoli, cabbage, kale and collard plants, and ten thousands red, white and yellow onion plants. As far as seeds planted, we have spinach, mesclun, green oakleaf lettuce, red romaine, orange carrots, yellow carrots, purple carrots, red and gold beets, cilantro, arugula and more soaking up this liquid refreshment.  The back of the carrot seed package instructs: "keep moist until germinated,"  I don't think this will be a problem. 

Did you know our fields are really what's at the end of a rainbow?

This Spring has had a lot more cleanup than normal due the ice storm, you can see some of we've gotten into in addition seeding and transplanting vegetables

Paul Bunyan showed up to finish removing the much-loved but badly damaged willow tree. Thanks Dad.

Seven foot diameter trunk shows inner decay

Removing storm-damaged and low hanging limbs near the fields thanks to Jesse and Harcon Corp, who provided the lunar lander with bucket lift 

We look forward to the first harvest in June, with much to be done before the first full week of June arrives. We'll send out an email a week prior confirming the dates and times.  Stay dry and see you before long! 

Your farmers