Friday, July 17, 2009

2nd Week of July

Notes from your Farm
This week is an exciting week as we shift gears and get into the summer crops and move away from the spring ones. Everyone was excited to unearth Red Norland potatoes this week-- it's amazing how the almost iridescent red potatoes are clustered in the soil when the shovel open the ground. The onion crop is spectacular this year! Onions, big deal, you might be saying... couple bucks for a mesh bag at the store... except these are organically grown and growing them organically is tricky (weeds, spoilage, pests, water issues and on and on) So we are pleased to have the best onion crop here ever. We're also happy about the green and yellow beans: so tasty and tender-- yummy. We haven't had rain in a few weeks now, and the warm winds, low humidity and hot sun are desiccating everything, so we've been setting up irrigation drip lines everywhere to make up for the lack of rain.

Music at the Barn on Fridays
Starting Friday the 17th, tomorrow. Noon to 1pm, bring your guitar, banjo, drum, dulcimer, flute or didgeridoo and make some music.

The Pick Your Own Field
The PYO field is coming along nicely. There are some mature flowers and herbs ready to pick, but not a lot. Please pick either this week OR next week but not both, so that everyone can find something nice for their plate or table. What's to expect: zinnias, snapdragons, cherry tomatoes, basil, hot peppers, and much more. When cutting herbs, pinch or cut the top third back to a node, so that the plant can regrow.

About some of the Characters
Walla Walla Sweet Onions: best used soon--these are not good keepers, so use within a week or two or else refrigerate for longer storage.

Beans: bring to a boil, then turn to low for 10 minutes or until desired tenderness.
Potatoes: baked, boiled, roasted, they are excellent

Beets: see recipe below, grate raw into salad, roast, or steam until tender--yes we have some white beets this week--milder and non-staining. Give them a try.

Garlic Scapes: use the succulent “neck” of the scape in pesto, salads or stir-fries or anywhere you would enjoy either garlic or onions. Don’t use the lower, stiff part unless you like “crunch”!

Kale: a super-nutritious green that can be added to salads, or sautéed and added to casseroles, soups, or omelets. The ribs are generally not used unless it is baby kale

The Farmer's Wife Onion Recipe
Heat a skillet to medium with a pat of butter. Slice one large Walla Walla sweet onion into large rings and separate them. Stir them well to coat them with the melted butter and stir every few minutes and soft and caramelized. Makes an excellent topping or side for all kinds of dishes: with eggs, on burgers, with black beans and rice or even just a big ole heap of them plain.

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