Thursday, July 21, 2011

Notes from Your Farm

A warm hello from your farmers!

As the carrot lifter blade slices through soil just below the carrots to loosen them, we are thankful for this simple tool that lends a helping hand, but still allows us the joy of pulling the carrots out of ground.  With 2400 feet of carrots to dig in hard dry soil you can see why we are pleased.  One hundred degrees not withstanding, this is a great time of the season when the tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupes and watermelons all become part of the bounty.

Grass-Fed Beef from Ironstone Springs Farm 
Looking for grass-fed, chemical-free meat?  You can order grass-fed beef from neighbor Liz Martin's farm. Last year she generously donated 25% of the proceeds to the farm program and will do so again this year.  Thank you Liz.
Orders must be placed by August 1st

Serving Suggestions for the Harvest: 

cantaloupes: wow, these are good.  Try serving with a sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper.
tomatoes: tomato cucumber salad, anything and everything
carrots:  eat fresh, roast in oven, boil and add maple syrup and butter
beans: great boiled, pan fried, oven roasted, raw in salad--purple ones turn green when heated.
garlic: great in everything
cucumbers: great plain, salads, sandwiches, cucumber salad
zucchini: grate and freeze for zucchini bread and cookies, stir fry, raw in salads.
cabbage: raw in wedges with a touch of salt, cabbage soup, salad
scallions: use in salad, or anywhere onions are appreciated.
Fun at the Farm  

Thank You:

A hearty thank you this week to Bruce Flanagan, just down the road at Flanagan Welding.  "Doc" Flanagan came out on short notice and quickly revised and welded up our potato plow to get us ready for the pending potato harvest.  He has been very good to us:  if you need any welding done--commercial, residential, backyard or farm related, give Bruce a call at: 872-6099


 Your farmers 

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