Thursday, August 4, 2011

Notes from Your Farm

Hello from the farm,

It's the height of summer bounty--tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and melons.  The inch of rain that we had about a week ago was great, but it didn't make amends for all the 100 degree temperatures, wind and sun that pulled the moisture out of the ground and the plants.   It's fascinating how well certain weeds can manage to flourish under these conditions--redroot and lambsquarter seem to go from 6 inches to 16 inches in just a few days.

The days are shortening and we are thinking about fall crops even while marveling at, and trying to stay ahead of, the current harvest abundance,  applying compost to the fields and checking out the winter squash, pumpkins and fall broccoli and cabbage transplants.

Orangeglo Watermelon

Childrens Events at the Farm August 13 and August 20  10:00am
 by friend of the farm Aaron Joseph and Kim Stoltzfus, farm distribution diva

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Pick Your Own Update:
 Sunflowers are Gangbusters--Limit is 5 and 10 per half/full share
 Sungold Cherry Tomatoes:Picking up Steam--1 Quart and 1/2 Quart Season Limit 
Basil--no limit.
 Zinnias--5 and 10 stems this week again
Hot Peppers:  1 quart total per season
 Celosia--use as an accent--not a whole lot there
 Stevia--try a few leaves as a sweetener--no glycemic load and few/no calories
 Herbs at the barn: in general, cut the top third of the plant--not sure ask us.

Serving Suggestions for the Harvest: 
sweet onions: mild, yummy--salads, burgers, cuke and tomato salad, carmelize
watermelon: Orangeglo--orange fleshed, super sweet and tasteey, our farm favorite for sure.  In red, we are picking some other kinds--Crimson Sweet, Ali Baba, and Sangria.
cantaloupes: wow, these are good.  Try serving with a sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper.
tomatoes: super tomatoes--are we in Washington Boro? :-)  tomato cucumber salad, anything and everything
carrots:  eat fresh, roast in oven, boil and add maple syrup and butter.
garlic: great in everything
cucumbers:  these are slowing down and fading away--enjoy while they are still here. great plain, salads, sandwiches, cucumber salad
zucchini: grate and freeze for zucchini bread and cookies, stir fry, raw in salads.
cabbage: raw in wedges with a touch of salt, cabbage soup, salad.  Zucchini are also almost finished.
scallions: use in salad, or anywhere onions are appreciated.

Our watermelons make us smile :-) 

Thank You

Thank you this week for a great harvest effort from the trainees and farm staff, to Bob McClure for a pretty nifty chicken feeder, and to the many friends and neighbors who help us out in so many ways.

Scott Breneman
Farm Manager

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