Friday, November 4, 2011

Hello from the frosty fields,

As the sun came up this morning, the frost-covered leaves of the senposai, collards and kale gleamed in the light. Each season has its aspect to relish, and now the crisp cold air, the beauty of the frost, and the warm season weeds disappearing due to freezing are a few things that we take satisfaction i

Final Harvest Days for this Season: Nov 10, 11, 12

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                                                COLD hot Peppers!

Farm Program Gift Boxes for Your Staff, Clients or Family:
As our growing season winds down, we will be making gift boxes again for Christmas time. Filled with local tasty treats like Wilbur Buds, College Coffee Roasters coffee, peanut butter pretzels, and apple butter from Kauffman's fruit farm, they are a great gift and a support to the farm program.
The small box is 17.50 and the large, which has 1/2lb of coffee and also pear butter is 24.95. For more details see:
To order, send an email to or call 871-3110
Order Deadline Dec 9th
Gift Box Pickup at Barn Dec 14,15,16

Survey Says: We appreciate your feedback on this growing season
Elizabeth set up a great and easy to use survey at: Please let us know how you experienced this season, your input will help shape next season\'s crops and amounts.
Thank you for helping us to improve each year.

Serving Suggestions for the Harvest:

**the pick your own field froze repeatedly--gone until next season** 
Bok Choi: this is great in stir fries, goes well with rice, peanut butter, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger and other Asian seasonings.
Napa Cabbage: this mild Asian cabbage is preferred by many to regular cabbage. It can be sauteed, used in salads, or made into kimchee or coleslaw.
Salad turnips: if you turned up your nose at old Purpletop as a kid, try out the white salad turnips--they are best raw--sweet and mild. Thumbs up! The visually stunning Scarlet ones are great too, also milder than the traditional turnip. Asian greens: tatsoi, mizuna, senposai, they are all good in salad or stir fry.Arugula: this is great in salads with apples and pears, and nuts
Popcorn: using peanut oil or other hi-temp veg. oil preheat oil on HIGH with 3 test kernels--when they pop, put in the rest of your corn, cover, shake the pan until popping slows considerably.Indian Corn: These are beauiful for decorating with and make an outstanding cornmeal, or put them out for the creatures to enjoy in your back yard. We have a grain grinder here if you want to shell your corn and bring it in for making excellent corn bread. 
Sweet peppers: these are fading away, enjoy. so many shapes and colors when ripe. They are easy to freeze, halve, core and freeze on a baking tray, then put into freezer bags.
garlic: great in everything--except cake and ice cream, and even then.... ;-)
cilantro: excellent on a ham sandwich, salsa, salad, liverwurst sandwich and on and on.
Enjoy the last few weeks of fall harvests. Self-harvest will follow.

Your farmers


Allison said...

Wow, PYO gone for the season, :( We have been drying the Stevia, and grinding into a powder. Yummy and healthy alternative to sugar. Thanks for the wonderful season of variety and taste! Now, to prepare for a long winter...

Goodwill at Homefields Farm said...

thanks Allison,

stevia is great. cold wet weather like today makes it easier to conclude the season for sure.