Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Notes from the Farm: under a rainy sky

Hello from the farm,

This week we have come to the conclusion that it is now July--not sure how that snuck up on us, but the arrival of cucumbers, summer squash, blueberries, and soon-ready-to-garlic clued us in.  July brings the summer crops as the early crops fade away. We are looking forward to our tomatoes, peppers and eggplants towards the end of July, and melons maybe early August?

We're expecting!--baby cantaloupe

 About the Herb Beds:

The herb beds located near the parking lot have been planted and tended with care by Farmer Kim, and there are herbs that are ready to pick.  In general, pick the outer or upper leaves, leaving the lower two-thirds of the plant to regenerate.  Use your discretion--if the plant very small, take little.

The Pick Your Own field: 

Located just past the second greenhouse, this field will have pick-your-own herbs, flowers, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, and more to offer.  The basil is ready to be picked--pinch off the top third of shoots, leaving the main structure of the plant intact for regrowing. 

Other things to anticipate in future weeks are:
hot peppers from mild to fiercely wild.
cherry tomatoes--our mainstay Sungold cherries are amazingly fruity good orange orbs.
quinoa--as an experiment--we haven't grown it before.

Plants show up in the strangest places--this mile a minute let itself into the barn upstairs

Serving Suggestions for the Harvest:
Blueberries--eat them like superior candy--nuff said :-)  we expect three more weeks of berry season at least.  The total amount you can pick for this season is 1 pint for half shares and 2 pints for full shares.  We hope to raise this season limit amount in future weeks if the yield makes it possible.
 Cabbage: cut into wedges and serve with a sprinkle of salt, make sauerkraut or family-pleasing Scrabbage--recipe below.
Summer squash/Zucchini: stir fry, grate and use for zucchini bread.
Broccoli: an awesome broccoli crop this year--this is super good broccoli!
Turnip: cut into sticks and serve chilled with a veggie dip.
Beets: great roasted with olive oil, grilled with oil and balsamic vinegar, or grated in salads.
Napa cabbage: this lettucey cabbage is great in the cabbage slaw recipe below
Snow peas: soon over. these flat-podded peas are eaten "hull and all" except for the stem. They are wonderful lightly steamed, boiled or in stir fry, even good raw.
Chard: remove the lower portion of the stalk as it is usually tough. Sautee leaves in butter, olive or coconut oil, add salt, and red pepper, top with Paresan cheese.
Senposai/Kale/Collards: we like to fry these in a skillet with butter or coconut oil until crisp, add some onions and sautee them as well--a superb topping for rice, fried eggs or stand alone too.
Bok choi: the joy of choi, this Asian vegetable seems to have been invented for the stir fry and peanut butter based sauce. Like it's cousin, the Napa cabbage, it is a mainstay when making spicy Korean kimchee.
Garlic scapes: these are the would-be flowering stems of garlic--soft, tender, easy to use for stir fries, diced for salad, really anywhere a mild garlic flavor is desired. We like to use it for pesto here at the farm.
Cilantro: good first planting of cilantro, we anticipate the arrival of the next round.

We get excited about cabbage and color

Scrabbage-- a hearty palate-pleasing cabbage recipe 

sausage (1/2 - 1 lb, bulk or sliced link)
onion, chopped
potatoes (4-6)
salt & pepper
sour cream
Brown sausage and onion in large frying pan or wok. Dice potatoes and layer over sausage. Chop or shred cabbage to fill pan. Drizzle with oil, sprinkle with salt & pepper. Reduce heat to medium or med-low (a lower heat if your pan is thin). Cook till cabbage and potatoes are tender, drizzling with extra oil as necessary, stirring only if sausage sticks to pan.
Serve hot, with sour cream to dollop on top, or sprinkle with cheddar cheese.
--shared by Lorena Breneman

Wishing you a Happy July 4th Holiday!

All your friendly farmers :-)


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