Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from the Farm

Hello from the farm,

Today can be best be summed up as raw, but your farmers are in great spirits as we work on gift boxes in the barn--possibly because our bellies are still full from our end of harvest party yesterday in the barn. The meal featured the farm-famous Swope oniony mac n cheese, stuffing, our farm's sweet potatoes in sweet potato pudding, roast chicken and apple and pumpkin pie.  No one departed hungry.

The make-shift kitchen in the barn turned out some great farm food

A game of Track-ball in the greenhouse--nice catch Law Reh!

What your farmers are thankful for
1. Ample sunshine and rain to grow abundant crops this season, resulting in a record potato harvest, great greens of all kinds, and excellent pumpkin and butternut squash.
2. The five families who founded Homefields and invited Goodwill to operate the farm program here, and the current workings of the Homefields board to secure the new land and continue to promote their dream.
3. The trainees, Matt, Scott C, Brad, Patrick, Glen, Brian, John, Cameron, Del, Mike, and others who worked hard and reliably to make the harvest happen
4. The farm staff: Kim, Marci, Law Reh, and Elizabeth for deftly applied skill and perserverence.
5. The advisors and good neighbors: Butch, Bob, Tom, Ed, Kurt, Bruce, Bradley, Bob Haverstick, Lance, Rebbeca, Brandon, and Flanagan Welding for counsel, tools, and donated skills.
6. You, as farm members and friends for believing in the farm and its mission and ecouraging us in our work.
7. An accumulation of experience--successes and failures alike that have made us the seasoned farmers that we are today
8. The men who worked together to make the potato digger a reality this year--otherwise we would still be digging frozen potatoes :-)
9. Bob, for skillful use of talents and time to construct the weeder which promises to revolutionize our weed control situation next year.
10. For winter, which allows us to switch gears and gain perspective before the rigors of the growing season present themselves in March.
Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving,

Your farmers 

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