Thursday, July 28, 2016

Notes from Your Farm: Garlic, Hot Weather, & Fair Season

Hello from the Farm,   

Fair season is here!  One of my favorite times of the year is being able to go to the Lebanon Area Fair.  You are around people that have an interest in agriculture and to just eat fair food!  This year I was able to help out with the vegetable judging at the fair.  Gardner's are able to hand in their top-notch produce to see if they can win that blue ribbon.  I Definitely encourage you to go to your local fair to see what the 4-H and FFA students are presenting, and to see what your local farmers are showing!  The Lebanon Area Fair is going on till Saturday.    

The harvest this week is going to be filled with summer goodies.  Includes our flavorful Tomatoes, recently harvested Garlic, refreshing Cucumbers, tender Zucchini, colorful Swiss Chard, and our tasty Scallions.

Look at who is showing up in the PYO Field.  We love our pollinators!  Don't forget to check out the PYO Field.  It is filled with herbs, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, basil, flowers, and more!  Everything is now ready in the PYO Field even if it does not have a white wooden sign in front of it.

What happened on the Farm this week?
This heat shows no mercy for us or the vegetables.  We have been taking multiple water and shade breaks throughout the day to make sure no one becomes dehydrated.  We are hoping that this heat spell breaks just for the plants sake.  Recently we have direct seeded cut lettuce into the fields to have some greens.  The cut lettuce seed did not appreciate the soil temperature, because it did not germinate.  It will be replanted once the temperature is lower!  

For the past couple of weeks the farm crew has been harvesting Garlic.  This Garlic was planted in the fall before the ground was frozen.  Garlic seed needs to have its "cold spell" by being in the ground during the winter months.  Very similar with Tulips and other bulb plants that are planted in the fall.  Once Garlic is harvested we let it cure for about two weeks.  Curing is done by putting the garlic in a dry and dark space (upstairs in the barn). This allows the moisture to the leave the bulb so it can be stored until the next garlic season comes around.  

Many tables filled with Garlic in the curing process

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Attend every weekend or just try out one class!  Classes will be held rain or shine, and class may be modified in the event of rain.  Bring a yoga mat, block, strap, and water bottle.  If you do not have yoga gear improvise with a beach towel or blanket, and a belt, necktie or bathrobe tie.

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Want to share your Recipes?
Ever excited about how your vegetables turned out with a recipe you tried? From vegetable shakes, to salads, or creative combinations.  We want to see how you are preparing our vegetables!  Post a picture of your creation on our Facebook page and a short description on how it was prepared.  This will be a great way to share recipes with other shareholders.  If you have not liked our Facebook Page please click on the link below.
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Harvest List 

Tomatoes - slice them, dice them, or just bite them.  I personally just eat them like an apple.

Zucchini - bake with pastries, saute, or grill

Cucumbers - eat raw, put in salad, make cucumber and mint water

Eggplant - can be pan fried, grilled, or microwaved till tender

Garlic - bake, roast, boil, or eat it raw in salad.  Helps to prevent cancer, colds, and stabilizes cholesterol levels.

Kohlrabi - Once you peel off the tough outer shell of the bulb (with a vegetable peeler) you can add it to a soup, steam it, roast it, or eat it raw

Turnips - can be used the same way you use a potato.  Eat raw, cooked, put in sandwich, or a salad

Radishes - eat raw, put in salad, cook them, sauteed, chop the greens up nicely for a salad 

Green Garlic - have an onion flavor, good fresh or cooked, doesn't have to be peeled

Scallions - add for an onion flavoring

Swiss Chard - used as a side dish by being sauteed, made into a soup, or a pasta

Beans - eat raw, cooked, casserole, and throw them in many different recipes!

Hope to see you at Yoga, 

Your Farmers

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