Thursday, September 1, 2016

Notes from Your Farm: Farmer Brad, Butterflies, & Last Weekend of Yoga

Hello from the Farm,   

Shareholder Pick-Up Times
Thursday 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Friday 11:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm

Out on the Farm
Yea for rain!  Rain has finally come to Goodwill at Homefields.  In much of Pennsylvania there has not been a lot of rain for farmers.  For my Families farm they have been irrigating majority of the summer just to keep the crops alive.  Here in Millersville we have been lucky enough to have rain showers off and on throughout the summer.  These showers have given us the luxury of not making irrigation one of our main tasks this summer.

Recently we have started transplanting our cold crops for the fall season! Much of these crops include what we have grown during the spring.  Asian greens, collards, KALE, root crops, and more.  This rain will definitely give them the boost they need to become stabilized out in the fields.

Look at what Farmer Brian brought in!  Butterflies are definitely taking over the farm this summer including Monarchs!   We are so happy to be a temporary home to the Monarchs and seeing them enjoy the PYO Field. As for the butterfly on Farmer Brian's hat I have identified it to be a Red Spotted Purple Butterfly.  Correct me if I am wrong!  

Meet your Farmer's  

Farmer Brad

Farmer Brad is one of our harvest team members on Thursdays and Fridays. He harvests the vegetables at a great pace so they are harvested on time for the shareholders.  Brad also mows the pathways in between the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and around the Asian pear trees!  He also has awesome power washing skills that make the distribution area floors really clean. Outside of work Brad has an athletic side and also likes to volunteer.               
Q: What is your favorite thing to do on the Farm?  A: Harvesting peppers and washing potatoes.

Q: If you could be a vegetable what would you be and why? A: Carrot because their orange color is bright.  Favorite to eat.

Q: Do you volunteer?  Where and what do you do?  A: Walk dogs for the humane society.  
Clean the farm on Wednesdays.  On Wednesdays Brad volunteers with Excentia at the Humane Society and here at the Farm.  At the Farm Brad cleans up the distribution area and Homefields office.  

Q:  Do you play any sports?  A: Bocce, started a couple of months ago and is my favorite.  
Basketball.  Brad also competes in the Special Olympics with Bocce.   Bocce is a sport that started during the ancient Roman times.  The main point to the game is to throw your teams ball closer to the Jack (a white ball that is thrown at the beginning of the game) then the other team.  Here is a video link that describes Bocce:

Abendesson Bread
Hamburger Rolls - Perfect for your picnic on Monday! - $5 a half dozen 

Homefields Events in September
Picnic in the Fields - Sunday, September 25 - Drop in between 11am & 2pm - Adults $25 or $30 at the door - 13-17 $10 - Under 12 Free - At Homefields
Get tickets and see menu at

Homefields 20th Annual Fall Classic Golf Tournament - Friday, September 23 - 7am till 2pm - At Crossgates Golf Club
Get tickets at

Final Weekend for Field Good Yoga with Elizabeth Swope- Relax into your holiday weekend-  
9/2 Fri eve 6:30pm-7:30pm & 9/3 Sat morn 8:30am-9:30am  
Class here at Goodwill at Homefields Farm, rain or shine.  Bring a yoga mat, block, strap, and water bottle, or borrow yoga gear from the farm collection.  Class is free and no advance sign up is needed - for any questions, please contact   

Harvest List 
Potatoes - cut them in small pieces, at to boiling water until soft, smash them, add some herbs, and now you have mashed potatoes! yumm!

Onions - great to add to cooked potatoes, salad, or any other meal

Carrots - roast them, caramelize, carrot macaroni, or carrot cake! 

Edamame - you want to eat the seeds that are inside of the edamame pods. Garnish the seeds with spices and eat!

Melons - wash under running water, let dry, let sit for a couple of days, and keep in a refrigerator.   

Tomatoes - slice them, dice them, or just bite them.  I personally just eat them like an apple.

Peppers - eat raw, put in salads, sauteed, or stuff the peppers with hamburger and rice, delicious!

Eggplant - can be pan fried, grilled, or microwaved till tender

Garlic - bake, roast, boil, or eat it raw in salad.  Helps to prevent cancer, colds, and 
stabilizes cholesterol levels.

Scallions - add for an onion flavoring

Happy Labor Day,

Your Farmers

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