Thursday, October 20, 2016

Notes from Your Farm: Fall Harvest Evening, Beans, Frost, & Pollinators!

Hello from the Farm,   

Shareholder Pick-Up Times
Thursday 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Friday 11:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm

In the past week there was a couple chances of frost then a burst of warmer weather - it was strange sweating in October.  During the cold temperatures we were able to cover our beans before a light frost happened last weekend so we could have them for this week! These tender beans will be a perfect side to any dish.  Some of the flowers and crops in the PYO Field were affected by the frost that happened last week. The Zinnias are very few, Tomato plants were burned by the frost, and some of the herbs are dying off from the long season.  Take advantage of the PYO Field because temperatures will soon be falling!  Get it, falling...Fall?!?

One plant filled with beans!  This is why we had to save them from the frost!

For shareholders picking up this Saturday, Oct. 22 there will be a Parade in Millersville.  
Meaning many streets will be blocked off from the parade. Please take Route 999, turn on to North Duke St., which will connect you to Letort Road as a detour.  Parade will mainly be happening on George St., Landis Ave., and Herr Ave.  

Final Harvest Week
Our last week for vegetable pick up will be on November 10, 11, and 12. Only 3 more harvest weeks to go!  

Fall Harvest Evening - This Friday!
Friday, Oct. 21 - 4-7pm Stop in Anytime! - at Goodwill at Homefields Farm

Activities will be held from 4-6pm (will happen rain or shine!)
Snacks & Drinks, Scarecrow Making, Photo Station, Leaf Print Coloring, Scavenger Hunt, and Nature Mystery Box

Campfire will be held from 6-7pm (weather permitting) 
Bring a Flashlight and Bring s'more and hot dog supplies if you want to cook around the campfire

Pollinator Garden - Bring your Seeds to Us!
Last week I posted four native plants that attract pollinators.  Below are another four plants that could be in your backyard.  If these plants are going to seed on your property we would love to add them to our garden!


Dwarf Blazing Star:

Coastal Plain Joe Pye:

Swamp Milkweed:

This information was found on (on Table 2) which is a Penn State Extension website about a pollinator garden trial.  This pollinator garden trial, mentioned in the website, is being done at the Southeast Agricultural Research and Extension Center located in Landisville.  It is open to the public to check out!

Listed above are only a few plants that you might be able to find on your property.  Click on the Penn State Extension website, then find Table 2, that has a list of more native plants that attract pollinators.

Sullenberger Services
Have you seen any difference in the landscape around the farm?!  Many unwanted shrubs, weeds, and poison ivy is being removed by Bruce Sullenberger.  He is also the creator of the Poison Ivy Preventative that we let you use earlier in the season.  Bruce maintains gardens and brush removal if you are needing any assistance on cleaning out your backyard. His number is (717) 278-0839.     

Abendesson Bread
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread - Great for making French Toast! - $5 a loaf

Harvest List
Potatoes - cut them in small pieces, add to boiling water until soft, smash them, add some herbs, and now you have mashed potatoes! yumm!

Beans - eat raw, cooked, or sauteed

Asian Greens - can be used in a stir fry by adding chiles, garlic, peanut oil, and possibly 
adding some salt. Also, the greens could simply make a yummy salad.

Pawpaws - cut the pawpaw in half, scoop out the soft fruit inside, do not eat the seeds or skin.

Asian Pears - this fruit is basically a mix between an apple and a pear.

Onions - great to add to cooked potatoes, salad, or any other meal.

Peppers - eat raw, put in salads, sauteed, or stuff the peppers with hamburger and rice, delicious!

Garlic - bake, roast, boil, or eat it raw in salad.  Helps to prevent cancer, colds, and stabilizes cholesterol levels.

Edamame - remove beans from pod, eat raw, or garnish with a seasoning 

Winter Squash - cut squash in half, remove stem, put butter, salt, or pepper on cut halves, then place them cut side down on a baking sheet, put in oven until soft, then enjoy!

See you at the Fall Harvest Evening event!,

Your Farmers

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