Thursday, November 10, 2016

Notes from Your Farm: 2016 Season Reflection

Hello from the Farm,   

Shareholder Pickup Times
Thursday 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Friday 11:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm

Now is the time to also think about 2017 Season Signup!  You may now signup for the 2017 Season on your Small Farm Central account by going to the link below.  We will be having an Early Bird Discount until January 8 which will deduct $25 from your share total.  
Shareholder signup link:

Just a reminder that you still have time to fill out your Survey!  Yes it is coming to the end of the season and this is when we want your input. Please fill out a survey before the season ends so we can read your comments and make changes that will better the farm for next year.  We will have the surveys out until the last week of harvest. There is also an online option for taking the survey.  

Here is the link that will take you to the online survey:

Final thoughts on 2016 Season
This year was extremely dry and set record high temperatures during the summer months. Spring started off nicely with the greenhouse transplants growing at a steady rate.  Timing was lined up perfectly with the maturity of the Spring crops and when shareholders start coming.  July was filled with a crop of zucchini and cucumbers that produced for over three weeks.  In August we had a great distribution of melons with tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.  August is when some of our crops were being damaged from the extreme heat and dryness throughout the summer.  It was a lot of our long term crops that would be harvested in the Fall that were hurt from the heat and dryness.  Crops as in sweet potatoes, corn, and Fall transplants.  We replanted certain Fall transplants multiple times because of the heat and bug damage in the greenhouse.  Crops that were planted multiple times were broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.  Those little white moths love to eat these brassicas. There are broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage plants in the field but since they were replanted multiple times it pushed back their date of maturity for harvest.  Overall this season the crops produced a steady amount of produce with some bumps at the end of the season.  As a newer farm manager I have learned a lot on how to grow cops, what work that needs to be put in to protecting the crops from pest and diseases, and many other aspects of farming that can be put into my plannings for next season.  Thank you for being very encouraging shareholders through my first season!      

Pictures that were taken throughout the season of the process your vegetables go through on the farm.  First they are seeded in the greenhouse or in the field, then transplanted in the field, harvested, washed, and then put on display for you to pickup! 

Stocking up on Garlic - Storage
We only have two more weeks to give out garlic and we will be giving out a larger amount.  Our garlic supply for seeding is larger than what we thought meaning more garlic for you to take home!  Receiving larger amounts of garlic in the next two weeks can be added to your winter supply.  Garlic will last for a very long time if kept in a bowl, basket, or something that gives the garlic bulbs ventilation.  Do NOT keep garlic bulbs in plastic bags or sealed containers.  

Gleaning will happen once again this year!  Meaning shareholders will be able to harvest vegetables on their own AFTER our last harvest week. You will be able to venture out into the fields and hand pick your favorite fall vegetables until it becomes too cold for the vegetables to keep on going. We will have more information on gleaning in the next newsletter.     

Abendesson Bread
Apple Strudel Sourdough - #2 in the Survey - $5 a loaf

Sullenberger Services
Have you seen any difference in the landscape around the farm?!  Many unwanted shrubs, weeds, and poison ivy is being removed by Bruce Sullenberger.  He is also the creator of the Poison Ivy Preventative that we let you use earlier in the season.  Bruce maintains gardens and brush removal if you are needing any assistance on cleaning out your backyard. His number is (717) 278-0839.       

Harvest List
Kale - eat raw in a salad, steam to make a side dish, or make kale chips!

Arugula - put into salads or sandwiches for additional flavoring

Bok Choy - our bok choy is smaller in the Fall but can still be used as normal sized bok choy.  Here is a great summary on how to cook bok choy and how to cook it with garlic:

Asian Greens - can be used in a stir fry by adding chiles, garlic, peanut oil, and possibly adding some salt. Also, the greens could simply make a yummy salad

Collards - steam, use the leaf as a tortilla wrap

Radishes - cut raw, add to salad, sauteed, or put in a sandwich 

Turnips - cook in a skillet with olive oil and garlic until soft, or eat raw

Garlic - bake, roast, boil, or eat it raw in salad.  Helps to prevent cancer, colds, and stabilizes cholesterol levels.

Happy Harvest,

Your Farmers

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