Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to the first harvest week!

Hello from the Farm!

Welcome to the first harvest week. This is our eleventh season of growing food and training people with disabilities in farming. The food we grow is nutritious, fresh and delicious--you'll like it.

In addition to enjoying the food, you are supporting our nonprofit program. Each week will look a bit different as we start with the spring crops and progress toward the hot weather crops in July like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, then into the August cantaloupes and watermelons, then fall crops like squash and pumpkins, root crops like sweet potatoes into November, just to name a few. It's fun to take what's in season each week and see what culinary delights can come from it!

How does this work?

First come to the farm this week, (whichever day and time suit you best weekly)
Thurs: 3-7pm
Fri: 11-7pm
Sat: 9am-1pm
--come on up to the barn, you'll see a sign from the parking lot that says "Veggie Pickup"
--find your name on the sign in sheet and initial it
--proceed down the Half or Full share list on the wall, items and amounts are specified there, put things into your bag or box (we have bags here if needed), and then check out the Pick Your Own options each week to see if there is anything that you would like - herbs, flowers, berries etc...
--If you have a payment, please give it to Kim, Elizabeth or myself, the smiling farm staff :-)

Enjoy the farm, check out the chickens, ask us if you have any questions about how to use the veggies.

Serving Suggestions for the Harvest:
  • Lettuce mix: superb salad maker
  • Kale: this nutritional powerhouse is great stir-fried with olive oil and garlic (scapes)
  • Garlic Scapes: the soft neck of the garlic--wonderful garlic flavor, cooked or raw; discard any firm portion
  • Collards: similar to kale--for either see Farmer's Breakfast recipe below
  • Scallions: mild green onion, use fresh or cooked
  • Bok Choi: this Asian cabbage is excellent stir-fried, w/peanut butter, peanut sauce, soy sauce, garlic onion, etc. Or use as a substitute for regular cabbage in cooking.
  • Spinach: great in salad, goes well with sesame seeds and sesame oil, peanuts, cheese

Farmer’s Breakfast (a delicious way to use greens)

1T oil
6 collard leaves, chopped coarsely
1 scallion, chopped into
½ inch pieces
6 slices pepperoni, cut in fourths (optional)
1 tsp. butter
2 eggs
2 slices smoked cheddar
2 plum tomatoes, diced

Heat a skillet. When hot, add 1T oil. Toss in collard leaves, scallion, and pepperoni. Saute till scallion is tender. Push to one side of the pan and add the butter to the other side. Fry the two eggs in the butter. When done to your liking, put on two plates, top with the cooked collards, scallions and pepperoni. Lay a slice of cheese on top, tuck a tomato each on the side, and broil till golden. Serve with Tabasco Chipotle sauce, coffee and a square of dark chocolate!

--from Lorena Breneman, the farmer’s wife

Scott BrenemanFarm Manager

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