Thursday, March 17, 2011

Farm Update

Hello from the farm,

Is it spring yet? No, but it sure seems like it--the greenhouse is filling up with trays of seeds and seedlings, we're watching the soil for it to dry out, the new spader is adjusted, greased and ready for action, the trainees are pleased and smiling about the seeding and planting...everything is picking up speed to an inaudible but present cadence.

We seeded several thousand cabbages and broccoli and are getting into Cherokee and Tropicana lettuce today, as well as hot peppers, which need a long time to get established. Some of the hot pepper varieties are Tabasco peppers and Pepperoncini. The flower seeding will start with snapdragons, zinnias and herbs begin with basil and stevia.

If you haven't yet signed up for a share:

Visit us at We offer credit card payments for your convenience--we are charged a percentage for their use, so we prefer payments by check, but want you to have options, please do what works best for you. After you've signed yourself up, let others know that we are accepting members if you wish to help us. Thank you!

When should I pay?
You can pay the deposit ($50) or up to the full amount. We request that the share be paid in full by the date of the first harvest

Looking forward to sustained warm weather and the harvest season ahead!

Your farmers

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