Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shares Available and What's New?

Hello from the farm,

It is spring-like today and very welcome indeed! We are looking forward to the ground drying out and we are gearing up for getting started with greenhouse seeding. The shop is wonderfully organized, and we are preparing the transplanter for planting. Packets and bags of seeds are abundant.

So What's New This Season?

We will be planting an additional fifty blueberry plants here on the Berry Hill, and are ready for rhubarb with 75 plants ordered. The rhubarb will take at least a season to come into fruition and the blueberries, probably three seasons. For the real long-term propositions, the pawpaw trees are now five years old and should start to bear lightly this season or next. The persimmons are now about three years old and still a few years away from bearing. We've got outstanding varieties of vegetables, strawberries and melons queued up for the season and lot of determination and grit to make it happen :-) Strawberries will be ripe sooner than you think!

Ready to sign up for a share?

We are opening it up to brand new shareholders this week, so to ensure that you get a share, please visit us at http://goodwillathomefieldsfarm.csasignup.com/members/returning . We offer credit card payments for your convenience--we are charged a percentage for their use, so we prefer payments by check, but want you to have options, please do what works best for you. After you've signed yourself up, let others know that we are accepting members if you wish to help us. Thank you!

When should I pay? You can pay the deposit ($50) or up to the full amount. We request that the share be paid in full by the date of the first harvest.

Enjoy the beautiful day,


Scott Breneman
Farm Manager

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