Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hello from the farm,
Rain rain rain, it's squishy and soggy at the farm.  We got about 2 inches of rain on Tuesday which saturated everything really well. Needless to say, the fall crops and cover crops are enthused about the abundant moisture and moderate temperatures.  The farm crew spent the day preparing potatoes and garlic for the week and the barn is now well-organized and tidy.  Nice work everyone. 
This week we are wild about watermelon radishes, and kale is a new addition as well, as we move into October and our mid-November's harvest end.  We are watching the weather to see about Saturday night's potluck.  If we need to cancel, there will be a message on the farm blog as well as Facebook.  See potluck info below.
Spotlight on Brian B

Position at the farm: Farm Crew
Number of years working for Goodwill: 17 years
Favorite thing to grow at the farm: potatoes
What he wanted to be when he grew up: a fireman
Favorite place to visit: Michigan
Brian’s family includes: his mom, dad and sister
Favorite thing about the farm: helping out and his great coworkers
Advice from Brian: Sometimes people are nice, sometimes people are not nice.  Try not to let it bother you.
Brian likes to spend his time as: a volunteer fireman for the  Blue Rock Fire Company in Millersville, as well as working in his woodshop on his custom made birdhouses and flower boxes.

 wildly colored watermelon radishes

The Farm Fall Potluck--Saturday October 6th, 5 pm to 8 pm
Join us for our Fall Potluck around the fire circle.

What to bring?
Family of 1 or 2: one dish to share
Family of 3 or more: one hot dish and one cold dish to share
Outdoor chairs or a picnic blanketA flashlight, especially if you are staying for the campfire
Dress for the weather
Please bring family and friends, but leave pets at home

What the farm provides?
Paper supplies and drinks
After dinner campfire and marshmallows for toasting

Foul Weather Policy: check@for the latest updates on a cancellation due to weatherQuestions: Contact Elizabeth at 871-3110 or

Suggestions for the harvestKale: my favorite of the greens. It is said that if you could only eat one vegetable, kale would be the one that would do you the most good, as it is a nutrition powerhouse.
Arugula: a peppery salad green that is complimented well by fruit and goat cheese in a salad.
Mustard Greens: known for their pungent flavor, these greens can be added to a salad for a mustardy hot punch, or can be added to soups or stir frys. Flavor mellows when cooked.
Tatsoi: a mild green that is great raw in salad or cooked. We think of it as fall spinach.
Purple Mizuna: a unique mustard green from Japan that has mild flavor and is great in salad for color and flavor.
Senposai: has a sweet and tender cabbage-like flavor. Makes a great outer wrap for veggie wraps. Use raw or cooked.
Butternut squash: use for soup, an entrée or use in any recipe calling for "pumpkin." Makes fantastic pumpkin bread, cookies and pumpkin pie.
Watermelon Radish: These are mild for a radish and have a striking pink interior. Greens edible.
"Dessert Turnips:" also known as White Lady, Hakurei, or Salad Turnips, this white, mild and sweet turnip is a great snack. Best eaten raw, but of course, you could cook them as well. Greens are edible.
Sweet Peppers: The long red Carmen peppers are outstanding--sweet and flavorful. great for salads or fried with onions and garlic. The peppers have topped out and are winding down.
Potatoes: We have many different varieties. Yukon Golds make the best fries according to your farmers.

Farmer’s Breakfast (a delicious way to eat greens)

1T oil
6 collard leaves, chopped coarsely
1 scallion, chopped into
½ inch pieces
6 slices pepperoni, cut in fourths (optional)
1 tsp. butter
2 eggs
2 slices smoked cheddar
2 plum tomatoes, diced

Heat a skillet. When hot, add 1T oil. Toss in kale or collard leaves, scallion, and pepperoni. Saute till scallion is tender. Push to one side of the pan and add the butter to the other side. Fry the two eggs in the butter. When done to your liking, put on two plates, top with the cooked collards, scallions and pepperoni. Lay a slice of cheese on top, tuck a tomato each on the side, and broil till golden. Serve with Tabasco Chipotle sauce, coffee and a square of dark chocolate!

--from Lorena Breneman, the farmer’s wife

 See you soon,

Your farmers

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