Thursday, October 11, 2012

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The cool air and warm sunshine are pleasant and invigorating as we harvest fall crops today after many days of wondering when the sun would warm us again.  Scarlet Queen turnips are on the harvest list this week--these have glowing scarlet on the outside and a bright white inside.  The farm crew has been disassembling the PYO field this week, putting the fabric weed barrier back on rolls and store it upstairs.  We are awaiting dry soil for planting the garlic, and reveling in the lush green growth of the cover crops.  FROST is predicted for Fri. night, so we are picking all of the sweet peppers so they will not be burned black by the frost.  Enjoy the last peppers of the season! 

The farm crew happy about the Long Island cheese squash harvest

Regular Harvest Season Ends November 7, 8, 9
(self-harvest to follow) 
Suggestions for the harvest
Scarlet Queen Turnip: amazing scarlet color outside, white inside.  Eat raw as turnip sticks or cooked.
Long Island Cheese squash:  shaped like a round of cheese, this is a great-keeping squash with excellent decorating properties.  Can roast in the oven to prepare
Kale: my favorite of the greens. It is said that if you could only eat one vegetable, kale would be the one that would do you the most good, as it is a nutrition powerhouse.
Arugula: a peppery salad green that is complimented well by fruit and goat cheese in a salad.
Mustard Greens: known for their pungent flavor, these greens can be added to a salad for a mustardy hot punch, or can be added to soups or stir frys. Flavor mellows when cooked.
Tatsoi: a mild green that is great raw in salad or cooked. We think of it as fall spinach.
Purple Mizuna: a unique mustard green from Japan that has mild flavor and is great in salad for color and flavor.
Senposai: has a sweet and tender cabbage-like flavor. Makes a great outer wrap for veggie wraps. Use raw or cooked.
Butternut squash: use for soup, an entrée or use in any recipe calling for "pumpkin." Makes fantastic pumpkin bread, cookies and pumpkin pie.
Watermelon Radish: These are mild for a radish and have a striking pink interior. Greens edible.
"Dessert Turnips:" also known as White Lady, Hakurei, or Salad Turnips, this white, mild and sweet turnip is a great snack. Best eaten raw, but of course, you could cook them as well. Greens are edible.
Sweet Peppers: The long red Carmen peppers are outstanding--sweet and flavorful. great for salads or fried with onions and garlic. Frost predicted--enjoy this final harvest. 
Potatoes: We have many different varieties. Yukon Golds make the best fries according to your farmers.

Hot Pepper Jelly Recipe:  we're in carpe diem mode--get 'em before the frost does. 
Ingredients:½ cup habanero pepper, seeds and stems removed
1 apple, peeled and cut up
½ cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup water
5 cups sugar
1-½ packets liquid pectin (one pouch plus one-half pouch)
1 Tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary
Full pepper jelly directions and pictures are at: 
 Hope you are enjoying the fall weather and flavors!

Your farmers

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