Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Notes from your Farm: Gleaning, 2016 Shares, & Extra Give

Hello from the Farm, 
The Bonus Harvest went extremely well last week!  We were happy to see everyone an extra week and to give you some more vegetables for the Holidays.  Your vegetable supply does not have to stop with the Bonus Week because current shareholders are allowed to participate in Gleaning!
Gleaning -  Starts November 23 - Noon till Dusk -
Monday - Saturday Only  
Many of these crops take several bouts of frost and just keep on ticking after our harvesting dates. Gleaning is when shareholders can harvest their own vegetables by taking a reasonable amount that leaves enough for other shareholders.  There are maps at the distribution center that show you where harvesting can take place.  Also, there are yellow flags placed throughout the farm to show you where to harvest.  Please Glean responsibly :)        
Here is a photo of the Fall crop field where most of the Gleaning will be taking place at.  
Extra Give
A huge shout out to the 65 people that donated to Homefields during the Extra Give event! These 65 people donated $6,300 to the Homefields mission.  All of these donations will also benefit the CSA. Thank you for your donations! 
2016 Farm Shares
You probably cannot wait to sign up for next years shares.  Sign ups for 2016 Shares will be happening in the month of December.  We will be sending out a newsletter that will let you know when the signing up process begins.  Also, there will be an Early Bird Special that will give you a discount if you sign up before a certain date.  There will be more information in the next newsletter!
Gift Boxes
This year the Farm will not be making gift boxes as we did in the past.  We are hoping to change this for next year and will keep you up to date on what happens in the future. 
What happened on the Farm this week? 
It is finally starting to feel like Fall with the colder temperatures during the days and nights. Us Farmers are finding jobs indoors that will keep us from going outside.  Our main mission after the harvesting weeks is to prepare the farm for the next season to come.  During the winter months we organize our material, fix machinery, take inventory, and order supplies for next year.      
From all us Farmers we hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season!    
Have a belly full Thanksgiving,  
Your Farmers

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