Thursday, November 19, 2015

Notes from Your Farm: Season Wrap Up, Gleaning, & Extra Give


Hello from the Farm, 
Sadly the final week of harvest has come.  At least we were able to extend the harvesting season by one more week!  This Bonus Harvest will be loaded with delicious vegetables that can be used in your Thanksgiving dinner next week.  Cannot wait for some delicious turkey with a side of cauliflower, broccoli, and greens from the farm!

Gleaning is going to happen once again this year for current shareholders. It is an exciting time being able to harvest your own crops that you will be taking home.  There is more information on Gleaning down further.        
If you have not filled out the Survey yet please do so!!  Thank you to everyone who has done so already the feed back will benefit your farm in the future.
What happened on the Farm this week? 
We cannot believe it is the final harvesting week at the farm!  All of us farmers are trying to soak it up before it is completely done.  On Wednesday we harvested the majority of the vegetables for this weeks harvest because of the rain on Thursday.  Thursday this week will be our washing the vegetables day instead of the usual harvest day.  This is fine with us as long as we get your veggies!  

Farmer Brad, Del, and Brian are washing the final harvest on this rainy day.  

On the shelves this week there will be cabbage, turnips, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, and unlimited greens.  Hoping everyone is loving all the greens that are coming in!

Season Wrap Up

No two seasons are alike here at Goodwill at Homefields Farm.  This year began with a very dry spring.  We were struggling early on to keep spring crops watered and worrying over new transplants that had hot weather, dry winds.  Much love went into seeding and watering the direct seeded beets, carrots and lettuce, and we are happy that we at least had some of those crops were available for harvest this summer.  The rhubarb came into it’s own this year, and we started the spring with beautiful lettuce heads, prolific scallions and settled into a nice zucchini and cucumber harvest.  Our dry spring transitioned into a very wet early summer.  We had a bounty of beans through the mid season, one of our best garlic crops ever and some super tasty cantaloupes.  We were pleased with a healthy tomato crop with new varieties like the early yellow Taxi,  sweet and mild orange Chef’s Choice and the richly flavored deep red Marboone.The zinnias performed magnificently and we had abundant sweet peppers.  Our biggest disappointment was the potato harvest which succumbed to the wet conditions, but we know not every crop can do well in every season. All of the early watering finally paid off in September when we were finally able to harvest carrots.  The fall brought some of our biggest harvests, and we were very happy to have winter squash, sweet potatoes, lots of greens, cabbage, and our best cauliflower harvest on record.  The pawpaws continue to get nicely established and we hope we pleased all the pawpaw lovers out there!
Our Farm Crew was very strong this year, and we would like to give a big thanks to Brian B, Brad, Del, Cameron, Brian M, Christina, John O, and Pat for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the growing season. These enthusiastic farmers come together each week to bring these harvests to you, always with a smile on their faces. 

Thank you to our esteemed Farm Managers.  Farmer Scott and Farmer Taryn did an amazing job working together to create a great 2015 season!

A BIG thank you and goodbye from all the Farmers for such a great season!

All of you are probably wondering when you can sign up for 2016 Shares! This will be happening over the winter time in future newsletters/blog posts. There will also be an early bird special that gives you a discount if you sign up before a certain date.    

Extra Give to Homefields - November 20
Wanted to donate money to Homefields but haven't yet?  On November 20 donate to Homefields through the Extra Give Lancaster County Community Foundation which will increase your donation.  Your donations will benefit Homefields Inc., which will also benefit the CSA.  Here is a link that takes you directly to Homefields for a donation through the Extra Give:   Also, if you would like to receive a copy of Homefields latest newsletter send your email or mailing address to  
Gleaning - November 23 till ? - 12:00pm till Dusk - 
Monday - Saturday Only 
Many of these crops take several bouts of frost and just keep on ticking after our harvesting dates. Gleaning is when shareholders can harvest their own vegetables by taking a reasonable amount that leaves enough for other shareholders.  There will be a map at the distribution center that will show where harvesting can take place.  Please Glean responsibly :)      
Gift Boxes
This year the Farm will not be making gift boxes as we did in the past.  We are hoping to change this for next year and will keep you up to date on what happens in the future.      

Abendessen Fresh Bread
Stephanie is still baking bread for the Bonus Harvest!  This week she'll have Chocolate Chip and & Cinnamon Sourdough for $5 a loaf.                

Suggestions for the Harvest 
Daikon Radishes: these radishes can be pickled, made into cakes, chips, or just sliced up and added to your salad.  
Broccoli & Cauliflower: both of these vegetables can be steamed until soft and put some butter or cheese on top.  They could also be eaten raw as a healthy snack or add some of the delicious ranch dressing to that snack! 
Cabbage: the cabbage crop is starting to come in and we are excited to be harvesting them this week. You will most likely have a choice between cabbage and napa cabbage.

Napa Cabbage:  great in salad, it's like a mild lettucey cabbage--napa cabbage is famously used in making kimchee, a pickled spicy cabbage salad that is a mainstay in Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Kimchee:  This Korean spicy "sauerkraut of a sort" is outstanding. It is enjoyed in Korea and Japan. When buying it, I like to get it from the Viet My Asian grocery across from McCaskey High School--the brand they carry is Kimchee Pride from NYC and the favorite of the kimchee I've purchased. 
Bok Choy: this Asian green can be sauteed by adding ginger, red pepper, and garlic.  A healthy side dish! 
Kale: Kale chips are delicious and easily done.  Just put some olive oil and salt on the raw kale.  Next they will stay in the oven on a cookie sheet until the edges are brown.
Arugula: It is sometimes called "Salad Rocket".  Arugula adds a kick to your salad with its strong flavor.  Also good in sandwiches.  
Asian Greens: Can be used in a stir fry by adding chiles, garlic, peanut oil, and possibly adding some salt. Also, the greens could simply make a yummy salad.    
Carrots: these carrots are better than candy--simply refrigerate and then eat washed and unpeeled for a snack.    

Butternut Squash: butternuts have great flavor and can be used for making pumpkin pie. They also could be sliced in half, cooked until soft, and then add some brown sugar or syrup for a sweet taste.   
Sweet Potatoes: they can be cooked just as you would with a baked potato. You could also put them in a dish and bake them with brown sugar and marshmallows to add more sweetness, this is how my grandparents always make them. 
Popcorn: take a pan with high sides and a lid, put some olive oil so its covering the bottom of the pan, add kernels, turn stove on medium, put lid on to contain popcorn but do not fully cover pan with lid.  Then watch the kernels pop!    
Chard: this cousin to the beet is appreciated for its leaves instead of its roots.  Use for salads, or as a spinach or kale substitute in cooking.  
Easter Egg Radishes: This would be a perfect additive to your Asian green stir fry! Radishes could be added to a sandwich for more flavor or eat it without anything.
Hope to see your beautiful smiles next year,  
Your Farmers

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