Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Notes from Your Farm: Holiday Greetings

Hello from the Farm, 

It is that time of year again where everyone is rushing around for last minute gifts, meeting up with family members, and eating loads of food!  Last weekend my family and I made various Christmas cookies that are loaded with deliciousness.  My favorite cookie is the Kolache cookie that my Great Grandmother use to make because of being from Czechoslovakia.

If you are wanting to eat healthier there are vegetables still available for Gleaning.  In the field are cabbages, greens, turnips, and little sprouts of Broccoli that you can add to your holiday festivities.

Plus!  Do NOT forget to sign up for your 2016 Farm Share now and receive our Early Bird Special! This could also be a unique gift for that person you have no idea what to buy for them.  
2016 Farm Shares
2016 Shares are now available!  We are having our Early Bird Special for any shareholder that signs up before January 31.  All Early Birds get a $20 discount off their share.  For current shareholders and new shareholders please follow this link:    

Gleaning - Noon till Dusk - Monday thru Saturday Only  
Many of these crops take several bouts of frost and just keep on ticking after our harvesting dates. Gleaning is when shareholders can harvest their own vegetables by taking a reasonable amount that leaves enough for other shareholders.  There are maps at the distribution center that show you where harvesting can take place.  Also, there are yellow flags placed throughout the farm to show you where to harvest.  Please Glean responsibly :)    
Gift Boxes
This year the Farm will not be making gift boxes as we did in the past.  We are hoping to change this for next year and will keep you up to date on what happens in the future. 


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year,

Your Farmers

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