Thursday, January 14, 2016

Notes from the Farm: 2016 Farm Shares, Soil Samples, & Planning

Hello from the Farm, 

Winter has finally came this week!  It is exciting to have this touch of Winter come with some snow.  This touch of Winter also came with low temperatures damaging the final crops in the fields.  Meaning the crops that were left for Gleaning are now on their downward spiral by breaking down in the fields.  

Even though it is sad to say goodbye to the last crops of 2015 you can now look forward to the 2016 Season!  Yes, the Early Bird Special is still available!  Hurry because it will be ending on January 31.  

2016 Farm Shares
2016 Shares are now available!  We are having our Early Bird Special for any shareholder that signs up before January 31.  All Early Birds get a $20 discount off their share.  For current shareholders and new shareholders please follow this link:  

What happened this week on the Farm?

Soil samples happened on the farm this week.  We beat the freezing temperatures and were able to take samples from every field on the farm. These samples will help us understand what nutrients are needed in the soil for next year.

Here are a few bags ready to be sent off to the Penn State Soil Testing Labs. 

There is still a lot of planning happening for this coming season.  I've been choosing many varieties and looking at new products that might be an interesting add to the shares. It is exciting to see the 2016 Season coming together throughout these Winter months.  Hope everyone else is excited as I am!

Stay Warm,

Your Farmers