Thursday, March 9, 2017

Notes from Your Farm: A Glimpse into the 2017 Season


Hello from the Farm,   

Thanks to everyone that came out in the cold to support your Farmers on First Friday.  We were able to talk to many people about the Farm while talking to new shareholders and current ones!  We will be at First Friday once again on April 7 in front of Mio Studio.  (As long as it doesn't rain...keep your fingers crossed!)  


Our stand in front of Mio Studio on First Friday!                         

2017 Season Signup!
Didn't signup for 2017 yet?  Well don't worry there is still room for you!

Signup by following this link:

A Glimpse into the 2017 Season...
Farmer Elizabeth is back at the farm this week!  She has been working hard in the greenhouse by seeding some of our cold hardy crops.

Farmer Elizabeth watering early plants in our greenhouse.

Our early planting of Broccoli and Cabbage from February is looking amazing!  We moved these plants over to our second greenhouse, that is not heated, so the plants can get use to the outdoor temperatures.  

Broccoli and Cabbage plants getting use to the colder temperatures in greenhouse 2.

We picked up our seed potatoes yesterday from a local company.  It will be in about a month when we will be cutting them and then planting them in the fields with the trainees!

Your Farmers have been hanging fliers and distributing pamphlets throughout Lancaster City the past couple of weeks.  Keep a look out for our fliers while traveling through Lancaster's cafes and art galleries! 

Fruit Share
Would you like to pick up a CSA Fruit Share when you come to get your CSA vegetables? It’s time to sign up now with North Star Orchard for their weekly Fruit Share, which is available for pickup for 15 weeks starting in August.

CSA Members have been enjoying the Fruit Share for years, and we encourage you to take a look at what the share has to offer here.

This is not ordinary fruit, but unique and heritage varieties which are full of flavor: plums with pizazz, perfect peaches, amazing Asian pears, great (seedless) grapes, astounding apples, and a sprinkling of heritage pear varieties.

Sign up directly with North Star on their website (link again to ), or if you need to reach them directly, email

And for a quick view of North Star Orchard itself, enjoy this 90-second bird's eye view (link to: )   

Spring is 1 Week & 4 Days away!,

Your Farmers

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